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Teaching the teachers… Our methods. Do you know Marcus Gunn? Abdominal Wall Pain Do you know what this is??? Measuring Central Venous Pressure with the Arm. Video Gallery of the Stanford Medicine 25 Below is a collection of all our Stanford generated videos also found throughout the website.

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On this page. Many new Stanford 25 Videos and pages! Abdominal Examination. Ankle Brachial Index.

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Bedside Ultrasound. Cardiac Exam. Dermatology Exam. Fundoscopic Exam. Lymph Node Exam. Musculoskeletal Exam. Neurology Exam. Pulmonary Exam. Thyroid Exam. Other Videos by the Stanford Particularly when inspecting the introitus, using only a single blade may provide better visualization. Simply disarticulate the speculum and use the unhinged blade. Sometimes in isolated settings, vaginal specula are not available.

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In such cases, good use can be made of bent spoons to examine the vagina and cervix. If the bowl of the spoon is too large for the patient, the narrower handle of the spoon can be used instead. Ultrasound is a very useful tool. It can reveal the presence of endometrial polyps, or ovarian cysts, or other gynecologic abnormalities.

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Ultrasound can also be used dynamically during a pelvic exam, providing more information than either alone. Using the vaginal ultrasound probe as though it were the examining fingers, the probe can mechanically lift structures toward the abdominal hand. Alternatively, the abdominal probe can be used to identify structures coming in contact with the vaginal fingers.

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gynecologist exam video little teen slut bikini Below is a collection of all our Stanford generated videos also found throughout the website. Stanford 25 YouTube Channel. Abraham Verghese Interviews Dr. Jerome Kassirer on New Book Signs of Scleroderma can-improv-help-doctors conversation-about-bedside-medicine-gains-momentum. Stanford 25 Skills Symposium Announced!
gynecologist exam video myanmar sex style movie xxx The dorsal lithotomy position is generally used for pelvic exams, because it gynecologist for good access to pelvis while inspecting the vulva, inserting a vaginal speculum, and performing a bimanual exam. Because of illness or injury, some individuals cannot be video in the conventional dorsal lithotomy position. Others may need to be examined in alternative positions due to special circumstances or location. Some patients are unable to lie flat on their back. With the patient lying on her side, raising the upper leg allows for good pelvic access. The medium Pederson speculum is a good, multipurpose speculum, well-tolerated by most patients, and providing a very good view of the pelvic structures. When the introitus is narrow, due to exam, the patient is tense, or virginal, the thin virginal speculum usually allows for a satisfactory exam.
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