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Asked in Barbie Dolls How do you sign up for barbie girls vip club? Asked in Barbie Dolls Do regular barbie shoes fit vip Disney dolls?

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Asked in Video Games How do you be a vip for Barbie girl for free? I am Maryam and im a sweet girl which is going to give you free vip account screen name: barbiexoxo password: barbie5 Note: This account have passwords B chat not simple chat. Asked barbie Barbie Dolls What do you get when you girl a Barbie girls vip? By Credit-Card. Vip tell the user and pass and I will give my accout to them! And the account better be not banned and I have gif whore girlfriend stripping know the secret answer with it!

Don't make up one because I will check before I give you mine! Ill give you a fantage member for a barbie girl vip plzzzz.

Yes my account is:user:coolpig pass:suck12 my secret question is:pig. Yes I don't go on it anymore it bratzgirl pass is bratzgirl11 ok. Sum one put the sa's On Tha Crap Plz. Funny you can go on the web site and use a fake code.

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No really I really don't care. Mine is emer40 my pass is josh Calla answered. Tennahot secret answer florida or texas. But I'm not tellin you duh I have one!!! User: You don't pass:have to know. I have v. You leave mollycoddles1 alone its mine changed the pass.

Cleo Maines answered. I have a vip no joke. You:sophie22 p:kitty. I will give you one but you have to give me fantage girl member.

I will give a club penguin for a barbie girl vip!

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Try these codes jackolantern75 and spookystyle2o. I have one but give me a fantage member account. Anneliese Alzael answered. I will give club penguin member account for barbiegirls vip!! Valerie Evette Bertes answered.

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Come on! Give me a vip on barbiegirls! User:Kezerirena Pass:Butters Plz make a member! For short. I h ave one but its not vip it is name:themas pass:uglyest. Username: Rooselle password:adele30 answer: Alma. Destiny Abernathy answered. Nun off da passwords werk I have a lot of meez so just ask me! Oh my god. Members were allowed to add friends and send pre-made messages to each other.

A chat system called "B Chat" existed for avatars in the same room to communicate with each other. B Chat only allowed players to select from a list of phrases to send. To be able to type in whatever one wanted, an email must be sent to the parent or guardian for them to select whether they wanted their child to unlock "Super B Chat" or not.

The mini-games on BarbieGirls.

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After the closure of BarbieGirls. A few of the games from BarbieGirls were also put on the Barbie website, but they have been taken down, like the games from the site that were put on the Mattel website.

In order to purchase a VIP membership, an account had to be part of the BarbieGirls Parent's Place, which allowed parents to control their child's account and give them online safety tips.

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Passwords would change our passwords but she kept figuring them out. We got fed up and decided to take her stuff. It became a back and forth war. We started having fights. And ugh I hated it!!! Eventually she stopped messing with her but not me! It turned into us fighting over email. It was awful! She would call me barbie I will never repeat. Then one day my friend who was in my art class got a call from a really extremely tight pussy friend Heather.

She got a mean email saying ugly things that I would never say. Then one name came to mind, Makenzie. I Hung up and started crying. I went home to look at it and I knew it was her just by the wording of it. Girl I comfronted her about it andd vip her never to speak to me. I guess she got tired to bullying me. And I still pass her to this day and hate her.

But My life turned out so much better. She gets in troble with the cops. I did all that for nothing So I got off that acount and made a new one about a year later. Probably once every few months. And I relized it was closed down.

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I legit almost cried! Im so sad! I learned so much stuff from Barbie Girls! But one of my questions needs to be answered, If there going to have a new site what is it!? Ps just incase you guys want to know what my acount names were, My original: Transformer96 My newer one: redstletto Barbie Girls was soooo fun!! I miss it alot.

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Are they really going to make a new website just like it?? Well i loved barbie girls since i was five i was on it for four years im 9 now and then all of a sudden bam its gone i was quite upset i hate people who are mean and why hack and be nasty it dosent feel nice.

Well,I went on barbiegirls for a really long time. I cant even remember my age. I was a really old member of barbiegirls. One day my aunt bought me the mp3 player and I was like OMG!

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I was really rich in the game back then. I used to go to the places and told ppl that I have a job to offer so they work with me and I gave them clothes and furnis for free. I stopped playing for a while but when I came back it said the site is closed. Im really sad cause it was a part pf my happy life. I vip they would reopen it. I feel adam champ nude when I 1st log in passwords was like i love this game and when i want to play it says bye girl sorry but we shut down and i was like wut and next week i cry.

Why Barbie Girls Word over, why? I know how to be a member on club girl but I don't know how to be one on barbiegirls. Well well well what do we have here some people who want barbiegirls accounts try bugmenot. You:mollycoddles Pass:I forgot s. I know one Username:angelcloe Password:prettygirl Just type free barbie vip account.

Calla answered. Ask you mommy to buy you one. Please somebody do you know how bad I need this late in the night on the computer trying to find one ok bye if your a vip send some clothes to tsparkles ok bye. You can email the owner some ppl do that but it didnt work for me. Just sign in and then you have to push the vip button on the top. Julia Cangonji answered. I want barbie barbiegirls vip that is not expired, not banned, and still working!

If you make a free credit card that is fake from the internet. Thats fraud you will go to JAIL. Zeina Zozo answered.


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barbie girl vip passwords sexy facked the virgen first time Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Ask a Question. Deborah Mann answered. Unfortunately you won't be able to get your hands on a BarbieGirls VIP account either by purchasing it or getting someone who has purchased one to tell you there's as the website has now been permanently closed. It was first launched on the 24th April by Mattel Inc. After its first week, BarbieGirls. Each member on the game was give a Barbie avatar that they could dress up and accessorize any way they wanted to.
barbie girl vip passwords yoga panty sex xxx porn girl pic Uh Oh! I yelled for my sister and she casually walked in after repeated calling. Now barbiegirls. I calmed her downsmiled and saidwe still have 1 month left you know. Activate it now!!